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    "Thank God I didn’t stay in bed. Instead, I spent the day on an NYU-sponsored trip in the town of Liberec… I was under the impression that we’d be touring a bobsled track… Little did I know, we’d actually be playing the part of the Jamaican Bobsled Team, so I’m pretty much a professional bobsledder after my four times around the track. "


    Posted on Wednesday, March 12th 2014

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    First snow in Prague last night! This city is one of the most charming places ever I think, but in wintertime, despite the grey and cold, I think it is most beautiful. Here are some shots of the Prague skyline seen from the castle.

    Posted on Saturday, December 7th 2013

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    I went to Scandinavia for the first time this weekend to visit my Swedish friend in Stockholm. I had no expectations for the weekend, but I am familiar with Scandinavia’s social democracy, incredible design, and great music. Luckily, this weekend included all of that. My friend picked me up from Central Station and took me to an after-work at a restaurant with all of his friends from uni, most of whom have government jobs now, and I learned a fair bit about their work. I really connected with some girls who were interested in international development and had an economics background. And then for the rest of the weekend, we went to cafes and bars and restaurants with incredible design. One bar/club was basically in the middle of a shopping mall that was closed down at night, and had the strangest, most eclectic decoration and elements. It was so bizarre that it worked. And finally, I learned that basically everything great in pop music history came from Sweden. I knew all these artists before, but I had no idea that they were Swedish. 

    Probably my favorite part of the trip was when we had lunch at Cafe Panorama in the center, and the only place for three people was with an old man. We asked him if we could eat with him, and he said sure. We then had the longest, most interesting lunch ever with him - talking about all sorts of random things. He told us that he was working on a phD but also used to an architecture professor and that he lived around the corner - I don’t really believe much of what he said. But he pointed to the city center and noted the last rays of sunshine against a hotel that was called Northern Lights Hotel. He counted the birds flying by. And he told us that all of his friends were dead or had moved away and that he had never made friends like us. 

    It was a beautiful weekend in Stockholm, and I hope to go back one day - perhaps next Summer. 

    Posted on Saturday, November 30th 2013

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