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Don’t know how I missed posting these pictures from the Berlin’s annual Festival of Lights. On October’s weekend nights from 7pm-midnight, they have light art pieces being projected on major buildings all around Berlin. I’ve never seen anything like it before. I took the whole evening walking between several of them. A map of all the projections locations is easily found by googling the name of the event. The pictures I included above are from three of my favorite projections.

The first picture is the Brandenburger Tor with a projection that features the word “light” in many different languages. 

The second is the Konzerthaus Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt close to our dorm. Some projections included accompaniments of music. This one had classical piano quietly playing in the background.

The third picture is my favorite. As you can see, it’s a picture of the close-up of green leaves projected onto the Berliner Dom. I liked the pairing of such a beautiful piece of (man-made) architecture blanketed by the natural. A nice reminder that humankind can create beautiful things, but let’s not forget where it all comes from: the earth.